BEKAS PESAKIT KANSER – Bekas Pembaca Kembali Sihat

BEKAS PESAKIT KANSER – Bekas Pembaca Kembali Sihat

Master Law Chu Hian bekas pengacara NTV7 dan bekas pesakit Kanser. Beliau kini aktif membantu komuniti lebih positif dan sihat dengan Shaklee.11 tahun sihat kini dengan izinNya.

Bekas Pesakit Kanser Sihat Kembali

My love story with Shaklee began with 10 tablets of Alfalfa, and I am exteremely grateful to Master Andrew Pang, my Upline, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Shaklee products, as well as giving me the opportunity to develop my inner potentials and to help those who wish to succeed in life. I met shaklee one year after my chemotherapy. Yes, I am a cancer survivor. In early December 2003, I was diagnosed with lung tumor, and to be exact, Germ-cell Tumor.

The news came as terrible blow to all aspects in my life because I never expected I would ever be diagnosed as a cancer patient. The most challenging part of being a cancer patient is the treatment itself. I went through a three-month chemotherapy regime. Trust me, it was hell! My worst nightmare was vomiting itself. Whatever went to my stomach, would be vomited in no time, and the trauma always ended with vomiting blood.

Since then, I became a pure vegan, which means in my diet, there are no meat, no eggs, no milk, no garlic ( except Shaklee Garlic Complex ) , and no onions. Before I met Shaklee, I was really thin and haggard, and everyone advised me against being vegan, but from my reading and my personal experience with patients, I realize that being a vegan is best for my health condition was not very satisfactory.

Everything changed after Shaklee came into my life in July this year. The best proof was my recent medical check-up results. After taking Shakleefor about four months, I went for my every-six-month-once medical check-up. I was ‘overenjoyed” to find out that “report card” is PERFECT! People always like to ask me, “What Shaklee products do you take”? And my answer is always, “Everything!” In Fact, its really EVERYTHING, because it is from supplements to skincare and hair care, and to all household products, I Shaklee-ize my life.

However, when i first started taking Shaklee, I experienced healing crisis – I coughed till my lungs exploded! With my trust and confidence inShaklee products and my own immune system, I continued. And now, I begin to enjoy time, health and financial freedom.

Again, I am exteremely grateful to Dr. Shaklee for giving the world the best, and for allowing me to really enjoy freedom in life. Thank you, I love you, Dr Shaklee! And I love my parents for all the wonderful things they give me all my life.

Alhamdulillah, dengan usaha yang kuat, master law, bekas pesakit kanser sekarang kembali sihat dengan produk shaklee.

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