Teh Madu Tiga – Cinch Tea Gabungan Tiga Teh Terhebat Dunia

Teh Madu Tiga – Cinch Tea Gabungan Tiga Teh Terhebat Dunia


Biasa dengar pasal TEH hijau ? Matcha green tea ? Macam macam khasiat dia. Power weh.

Tapi biasa jugak dengar pasal red rooibos tea ? Yang ni pun bukan biashe biashe.

Pernah jugak tak dengar pasal white tea ? Orang kata teh putih ini bagus untuk lawan kanser.

Kalau nak kahwin dengan teh hijau, teh merah merajuk, kalau pilih teh putih, teh lain merajuk pulak. Kalau cari teh merah, yang lain merajuk pulak.

Pening kepala mana satu teh idaman kalbu nih ? Nak cari mana teh teh semua nih .


Tak sangka Shaklee ni faham orang yang ada masalh pilih teh nih.

CINCH TEA ni best, katanya dekat sachet, gabungan teh putih, hiijau merah yang sedap.

Yehaaa, ada rupanya, baguih nih. Dulu pernah rasa teh hijau, kelat woo tak sedap, tapi bila gabung dengan bini lain, lepas tambah lahi taurina semua, teh ni sedap.

Nak tahu kelebihan teh bermadu 3 shaklee nih ? Nih abang joe ada google sikit website orang putih

Reports affirming the Benefits of Red, Green & White and MatchaTeas:

* WebMD Medical News, March 11, 2003 – Green Tea & White Tea Fight Colon
Cancer – drink 3 cups a day for cancer-prevention benefits. “Antioxidants
and polyphenols – cancer prevention compounds – are found in highest levels
in white tea, which is the least processed of all teas,” wirtes lead author
Gayle A. Orner, PhD, a researcher with the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon
State University. Her study of teas’s protective effects against colon
cancer appears in the February 2003 issue of “Carcinogenesis”.

* American Cancer Society – . those who regularly drink green tea are
48% less likely to develop stomach cancer, and 51% less likely to develop
chronic gastritis than those who do not regularly drink green tea

* Boston University Schools of Medicine & Public Health – Drinking green
tea may help protect women from getting breast cancer.

* National Library of Medicine – consumption of green tea may be
prophylactic for arthritis and may benefit the arthritis patient by reducing
inflammation and slowing cartilage breakdown

* Clinical Cancer Research, University of California, Los Angeles (Feb.
15, 2005 issue) – Green tea thwarts cancer and many of green tea components
work synergistically to protect us.

* Science Daily – Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered that a
component in green tea helps kill cells of the most common leukemia in the
United States. CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) is a malignant blood
disease that afflicts about 7,000 Americans per year and kills 4,500. But
now scientists at the Mayo Clinic have found a way of killing CLL cells in
the test tube that could potentially be developed into a treatment for CLL,
and possibly other cancers in living humans. The agent in question is called
epigallocatechin (EGCG). It is an antioxidant that is found in both black
and green tea, but more abundantly in the unfermented green variety. The
anticancer activity of green tea has been known for years. Scientists have
identified at least one of the mechanisms by which EGCG seems to work to
fight cancer . it inhibits a key “signaling pathway”, called vacular
endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which is responsible for transmitting
instructions at the molecular level to cancer cells, prompting them to grow
and multiply.

* Fujiki, 120, 128, 129 – Green tea is an acknowledged cancer
preventative in Japan. It is possible that the catechins, particularly EGCG,
inhibit the initiation and promotion phases of cancer development by
preventing free radical damage to DNA. They have a wide range of target
organs, such as the digestive tract including esophagus, stomach, duodunem,
and colon, plus liver, lung, pancreas, and skin. Recently breast, bladder
and prostate have been added to the list. This wide range of target organs
makes green teas significantly different from standard cancer preventative
drugs. Green tea has inhibitory effects on growth of cancer cells. The tea
has also been shown effective in helping prevent recurrence.

* American Journal of Clinical Nutrition November 1999 – Green tea
increases noradrenaline levels. Noradrenaline is a chemical neurotransmitter
in the nervous system that plays a major role in activation of brown fat
tissue. Activation of brown fat is significant, because it burns calories
from the white fat located around our waistline, hips and thighs.

* WebMD Medical News January 26, 2003 – Catechins in green tea not only
help burn calories, but also they lower LDL cholesterol.

Ahha, teh ni feveret kami, setiap hari minum, tetamu datang pun kami hidang teh nih. Feel dia lain woo. Jadi kalau pening pala, tak tahu nak cari pilihan hidup, ambil je teh madu tiga nih. Senang hati abang jamill

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